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A little about Hoang

Vu's Tailor has been proudly serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1996. At Vu's Tailor, we take care of all of your alteration needs, custom suits, shirts, and so much more. We provide a superb personal tailor experience with in-depth knowledge for your style and needs.

Hoang Vu has been tailoring for over 35 years and has the skills and trained hands to execute any of your tailoring or custom needs.

What do we offer?

We provide a wide range of your tailoring needs. Don’t let those ill-fitted clothing just go to waste and sit in the back of your closet. With our expert tailors, we can give it life again! New clothes that don't quite fit, right? No problem! We can make it work.

We specialize in custom alterations in all shapes and fabric! Below are services that we provide, but are not limited to. If it needs to be altered in any way, we can do it all!

Our Services


  • Shorten and Lengthen sleeves

  • Make and keep button holes

  • Sides in and out

  • Take in chest

  • Shorten length

  • Shorten shoulders

  • Taper sleeves

  • Replace lining

  • Re-cuts

  • Shorten/lower collar


  • Hem (Plain/Cuff)
  • Waist in and out
  • Sides in and out
  • Taper legs
  • Shorten crotch
  • Set and legs in
  • Remove pleats
  • Re-cuts
  • Lower waist


  • Sides in
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Add button down
  • Shorten length
  • Replace collar and cuff


  • Vest sides in
  • Vest shorten length
  • Dresses sides
  • Dresses Hem
  • Dresses Bustle
  • Dresses take in and out bust
  • Dresses add and remove straps
  • Dresses add cups
  • Dresses replace linig
  • Dresses restyle and/or modernize

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